Troubleshooting LED lighting fixtures

Updated by Curtis Mattoon


The following guide will provide troubleshooting steps that will not only remedy common issues that can arise, but also expedite the RMA process if troubleshooting is unsuccessful.

Fixture Status

The first step is to understand the status of the fixture in question. There are three key aspects to note:

  • Light bars: Are the lightbars malfunctioning? If so, are they out entirely, dim, or strobing? Are the lightbars changing light output as expected?
  • Connectivity: Is the fixture controlled using LightRules or SiteWorx controls software? If so, is the fixture communicating with the controls software? What are the fixture settings in the controls software?
  • Status Indicators: Are they on? What is the blink pattern?


Once the symptoms are understood, it becomes much easier to troubleshoot the fixture with the following steps.

  • Power Cycle: This is almost always the first step in the troubleshooting process. A power cycle is the process of removing power from the fixture for 30 seconds then restoring power. This can typically be accomplished by turning the associated circuit breaker off for 30 seconds.
  • Input Voltage: Check to see that the fixture is receiving the proper voltage. If the sensor and indicator lights are on but the lightbars are not illuminating, this often indicates that the input voltage is too low. If the light bars are flashing and daylight harvesting is not enabled, this often indicates the input voltage is too high. Anomalous voltage events can permanently damage a fixture.

Support Case Creation

If the troubleshooting steps listed above fail, it is time to contact our support team by emailing With the following information, the issue can be resolved or a replacement can be authorized quickly.

  • Confirm a power cycle has been performed: removing power from the hardware for 30 seconds and then restoring power
  • Serial number of malfunctioning product
  • Current status of the hardware including information on light bars, connectivity and status indicators. Is it partially functioning? If so, how?
  • Facility name and details of environment the hardware is operating in
  • Ship to address as well as contact name, email and phone number.

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