How To - Run a Historical Sense Report

Updated by Steve Corbesero

Like SiteWorx Tune, historical reporting is available for all connected SiteWorx Sense Devices. To run a historical report for a particular Sense Device datasource like temperature, relative humidity, or energy usage from a power meter, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Analyze Icon on the Application Navigation menu
    1. Alternatively, hover over a particular datasource in the Active Sensors or Power Meters cards on the Sense Dashboard to expose a quick link
    Analyze Link Hover
  2. Select the Site
  3. Select the datasource type from the Display dropdown
Datasource types depend on the type of Sense Device deployed at your facility
  1. Select the Interval Size
  2. Select the desired Sensor datasource from the Data dropdown
Datasource Data Dropdown
  1. Select the desired Date Range via the options below:
    1. Access the dropdown for a preset range
    2. Enter specific dates in manually
    3. Drag the navigator below the chart
Sense Analyze Chart Example
To export data, click the Export CSV button

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