SiteWorx Insights #4 — Alarms

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SiteWorx Sense continuously monitors — so you don't have to. SiteWorx Sense Alarms provide peace of mind, notifying you when you need to pay attention

SiteWorx Sense is an advanced facility, utility, and process monitoring and management application that starts delivering results immediately. It brings new efficiency and significant improvements to your production processes, utility service management, equipment maintenance, and more.

SiteWorx Sense Alarms can be configured to monitor any SiteWorx Smart Device if conditions exceed an established threshold value, such as high temperature, low flow rate, or excess vibration. In addition to a threshold, you can set a Severity indication to help your staff prioritize action when needed.

Configure new alarms — quickly and easily using SiteWorx Sense.

Notify users of active alarms with the SiteWorx Sense Alarm Subscriptions feature.

One of the most valuable benefits of SiteWorx Sense Alarms is user notifications, known as Alarm Subscriptions. You can create Alarm Subscriptions for any SiteWorx user — enabling a simple, data-driven incident notification to them via Email or SMS (text message) when the alarm is triggered.

These notifications provide valuable data directly and immediately to those who need to take action or be aware of the change in conditions. Notifications include which alarm was triggered, the current value, and the exceeded threshold value.

A link to the active alarm allows the user to view an events table, and an incident summary, make and save annotations, and much more. These capabilities enable you to inform your whole team or only those who need to take action on-site.

In summary, SiteWorx Sense Alarms and Subscriptions are easy to configure, simple to adjust, and provide you with peace of mind that your site conditions are monitored everywhere. See the articles on SiteWorx Sense Alarms, including detailed instructions on configuring and using Alarms and Subscriptions.

SiteWorx Insights bring you real-world capabilities and value available to all subscribers of the SiteWorx Application Suite. To learn more about SiteWorx applications, contact your SiteWorx Software representative.

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