Overview - Sense Load Control

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SiteWorx Sense Load Control enables users to utilize existing occupancy sensor, manual, or schedule-based* controls to turn equipment on or off.

Visit the Sense Glossary to familiarize yourself with Sense Load Control terminology

Adjacent to the Sense Alarms, selecting Load Control guides users to the Load Control Management page. Here users can view details related to all configured load devices, create new load controls & overrides, and access the Trigger Node configuration page.

Load Control Configuration

Selecting the name of an existing Load Control guides the user to the Load Control details page, where load configuration details can be viewed, edited, or enabled/disabled.

Load Control Details

Please refer to this article to review the creation and configuration of an Occupancy Based Load Control.

Trigger Node Configuration

Selecting Trigger Nodes on the Load Control Configuration page's left-hand side guides the user to the Trigger Nodes Management page.

Here, users may view all existing Trigger Node configurations, add new Trigger Nodes, or select an existing Trigger Node to enter the Trigger Node Details page.

Occupancy-Based Load Control

What is occupancy-based load control?

It is triggering a relay to open or close (i.e., turning a device OFF or ON) based on a change in occupancy.

How does non-lighting occupancy-based load control work?

  1. The user specifies a group of trigger nodes whose occupancy data will be used to trigger a relay)
  2. The user assigns activation threshold criteria for trigger node (I.e., if any node within that group goes active, or if a percentage of that group goes active)
  3. A user configures a Relay Device to respond to that pre-configured group of trigger nodes.

When creating a group of trigger nodes, they must all share the same network.

*additional load control triggers available in future SiteWorx releases.

Manual Load Control

What is manual load control?

Allows a user to override a configured Occupancy-Based Load Control setting​

How does manual load control work?

  • It may be implemented on an enabled or disabled load control configuration​
  • It can override to open or closed position for an infinite amount of time​
  • Open/closed relays may or may not correlate to on/off depending on how the relay is configured​
A manual load control must be manually canceled ​

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