Overview - SiteWorx Tune Live View

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The SiteWorx Tune Live View is a real-time stream of occupancy data received from each light fixture or sensor. The Live View enables users to monitor real-time occupancy behavior across their facility. 

Clicking the Live button on the Feature Applications Menu takes the user to the Site and Area picker.

Site & Area Picker

Selecting an Area or Site displays that spaces' specific Live View—each of the following Live View elements updates in real-time without requiring a page refresh. 

Live Stream

Located to the right of Live View map, the Live Stream continually updates and displays occupancy, settings, Setback, and Override events.

Each new event contains details related to the event type, name of the fixture, description of the change, and how long ago the event occurred.

Live Stream

Active Lights Card

Displays the current number of active lights, or lights that have recently detected occupancy. This card updates automatically as the number of lights transition from occupancy states.

Active Lights Card

Live Map

The Live Map provides an overhead visualization of occupancy within the facility, with real-time occupancy and control states of all intelligent lighting fixtures:

Live View Map
  • Unshaded - Indicates inactive intelligent light fixtures
  • Blue Shading - Indicates active, intelligent light fixtures
  • Yellow Shading - Indicates intelligent light fixtures that have registered an occupancy event
  • Grey Shading - Indicates intelligent light fixtures in a Setback state
  • Dark Blue Shading - Indicators intelligent light fixtures with an active Override
  • Light Pink Shading - Indicators intelligent light fixtures with an active Scene

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