How To - Link Scenes and Keypads

Updated by Steve Corbesero

Once a SiteWorx compatible keypad is uploaded to SiteWorx, and a user has created a set of scenes (4 scenes), those scenes can be assigned to a keypad’s buttons.

To assign Scenes to a SiteWorx Keypad:

  1. Open the Administration Console, and click on the Keypads icon
  2. Click the target Keypad from the list
Keypad Configuration
  1. Assign the corresponding Group from the drop-down that matches the Group you assigned to the desired Scenes
  2. Using the Assigned Scenes menu, configure each Keypad button with the desired Scene from the drop-down
Assigned Scenes
A Group cannot be edited on a keypad with assigned scenes.

To remove a Scene from a Keypad button or assign a new Scene to a Keypad button, hover over the right side of the Scene and click the "Clear Scene" button, indicated by the red "X."

Clear Scene

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