How To - Create or update a Scene

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When a keypad is commissioned & uploaded, it will become available to SiteWorx Tune Admin Users in the Admin Console.

Clicking on the Scenes option displays the Scene Library, which lists all of the Active and Inactive Scenes set up in SiteWorx. From this menu, users can delete a scene, edit an existing scene, or create a new scene.

To Create a New Scene:

  1. Open the Administration Console, and click on the Scenes icon.
  2. In the Scenes Library, click the New Scene button.
  3. In the Name field, type in a name for the Scene.
  4. In the Group drop-down menu, select the group that Scene controls.
  5. Select whether the Scene needs to have a Scene Timeout (Vacancy Sensing) setting. 
    1. If Vacancy is enabled, then select the Timeout setting.
Scene Timeout (Vacancy Sensing) is the amount of time for which the Scene remains active after the Scene’s group does not sense occupancy. If no Scene Timeout is configured, scenes must be deactivated by pressing the Scene’s assigned button.
  1. Click the Save button to set the Scene settings. 
  2. Once the Scene is saved, scene settings are available for configuration.
  3. Use the Scene Settings configuration tool to configure more granular settings across the target group

SiteWorx compatible keypads accommodate 1 scene per keypad button, so we suggest creating four unique scenes for the specific group or area you intend to control via the keypad locally. Once Scenes have been created, they can be linked to a keypad, please review How To - Link Scenes and Keypads.

For more information on Keypads & Scenes, please visit the Keypads & Scenes Overview.

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