Overview - Administration Console

Updated by Steve Corbesero

The Administration Console contains configuration and management tools for your SiteWorx organization. These tools include:

  • Account - Manage your personal SiteWorx account
  • Sites - Manage Site and Savings related information
  • Users - Manage SiteWorx Users 
  • Tags - Create, update, or delete custom Tags for Analyze Charts and Reports
  • Groups - Manage lighting control groups
  • Keypads - Configure & manage SiteWorx Keypads
  • Scenes - Create & manage Scenes for use with SiteWorx Keypads
  • Trigger Nodes - Configure Trigger Nodes for use with Occupancy Based Load Control
  • Network - Review connectivity status of lighting nodes, gateways, and other SiteWorx Devices
  • DH - Enable/Disable daylight harvesting for calibrated fixtures 
  • Battery Backup - Manage battery backup tests and review testing logs
  • Coordinated Control - Configure and manage Trigger Nodes & Coordination Nodes for use with Coordinated Control 

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