SiteWorx Support Policy

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Problem Identification and Initial Troubleshooting

Detailed guidance for troubleshooting LED lighting fixtures can be found in this article: Troubleshooting LED lighting fixtures

When product is thought to be malfunctioning, please try to gather the following information prior to contacting support:

  • Confirm a power cycle has been performed: removing power from the hardware for 30 seconds and then restoring power
  • Serial number of malfunctioning product
  • Current status of the hardware. Is it partially functioning? If so, how?
  • Indicator lights colors and blink patterns
  • Facility name and details of environment the hardware is operating in

Contacting Support

SiteWorx Support is available Monday through Friday between 8AM and 5PM EST, excluding holidays. The best way to contact support is by emailing If a call is needed, please request a call via email and we will reach out as soon as possible.

Return Material Authorization (RMA)

If troubleshooting is unsuccessful and products are malfunctioning and within the warranty period, SiteWorx Support may authorize a Return Material Authorization (RMA). The warranty period and terms are detailed in the Limited Warranty Statement.

If your SiteWorx or Digital Lumens products were purchased through a reseller, please contact your reseller to initiate the RMA.
Serial numbers are required for all RMAs to ensure we provide the correct model of replacement and to validate warranty status. Serial numbers can be obtained from the Admin | Network page of SiteWorx without needing to access the fixtures using a lift.

RMA Replacement Process

If SiteWorx Support authorizes a RMA to provide replacement hardware, the replacement process will continue as follows:

  • All authorized RMAs will result in replacement hardware shipping via Ground service. If the requester wishes to use a faster method, they must authorize use of their shipping carrier (UPS / FedEX) and provide account number and shipping method.
  • Time between RMA authorization and product shipment may vary depending on product availability.
  • If requested by SiteWorx, the malfunctioning hardware must be returned to SiteWorx at the customers expense within 30 days after the delivery of replacement hardware. If hardware requested for return is not returned to SiteWorx, then the unreturned hardware is not a valid warranty claim and subject to invoicing. Hardware that is returned without proper troubleshooting may be subject to a re-stocking fee.
  • By default, all RMAs will be processed as Advanced RMAs unless previous RMAs at the facility were determined to be not valid warranty claims or a Standard RMA is explicitly requested.
  • Invoices from previous RMAs must be paid in full before any subsequent RMAs can be authorized.
  • Refurbished product may be sent as replacements.
  • Warranty on replacements is per original purchase date.
Advanced RMA

SiteWorx ships replacement hardware to the partner or end-user, prior to malfunctioning product being returned.

In cases that Support requests the malfunctioning product to be returned, the malfunctioning hardware must be returned to SiteWorx at the customers expense. The user must return the malfunctioning product back to SiteWorx for diagnosis within 30 days. The user assumes liability of damage during shipping so please package carefully. Typically the malfunctioning fixture can be returned using the packaging from the replacement.

Once SiteWorx receives the malfunctioning product, it will be diagnosed and a warranty determination made:

  • If it is concluded that the problem was covered under warranty, no further action is required.
  • If it is concluded that the RMA is not covered under warranty, an invoice will be sent for the out of warranty replacement. For each fixture replaced via Advanced RMA but not covered under warranty, the invoice will include the fixture cost at MSRP, a Shipping & Fulfillment fee and a Diagnostics fee.
Standard RMA

If a product is suspected to be malfunctioning due to a condition not covered under the Limited Warranty Statement but the user would like it to be diagnosed for warranty determination prior to shipping replacement hardware, a Standard RMA can be requested.

Under the Standard RMA process the customer ships the malfunctioning hardware to SiteWorx where it will be diagnosed for warranty determination. If it is concluded that the problem is not covered under the Limited Warranty Statement, the customer will be notified and a replacement will not be provided via RMA.

By performing the warranty determination upfront, the Standard RMA process avoids the possibility of invoices and allows the customer to purchase replacements for any fixtures not covered under warranty thus avoiding the Shipping & Fulfillment as well as Diagnostics fees associated with Advanced RMAs not covered under the Limited Warranty Statement.

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