How To - Configure an Alarm Subscription

Updated by Steve Corbesero

A subscription should be created for any user that requires notification of a triggered incident. To create a new alarm subscription:

  1. Navigate to the Sense Application, and click Alarms
  2. Click the Configuration option on the SiteWorx Sense home screen.
  3. On the Configuration screen, select the Alarm. 
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Alarm configuration screen, and locate the Subscriptions section.
  5. Click the New Subscription button.
    New Alarm Subscription
  6. In the Select a user drop-down, find the user that should receive the alarm notification.
  7. After selecting a user, select the preferred notification method (SMS or Email). 
Subscription with Verified SMS
If that user has not entered their phone number to enable SMS notifications, a warning will display next to the option. 
New Subscription
  1. Click the Save Subscription button to save and activate the subscription.

You can add and verify a phone number using the Users Manager in the Admin Console

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