How To - Configure Occupancy Based Load Control

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How does non-lighting load control work?

  1. A user specifies a group of Trigger Nodes (whose occupancy data will be used to trigger a relay)
  2. A user assigns activation threshold criteria for trigger node
    1. I.e., if any node within that group goes active, or if a percentage of that group goes active
  3. A user configures a Load Control enabled relay device to respond to that pre-configured group of trigger nodes

Configuring Trigger Nodes

  1. Navigate to Admin, click Trigger Nodes
  2. Select New
  3. Provide a descriptive Name for the Trigger Nodes
  4. Select the Site
  5. Define the Trigger Node Timeout
    Configuring Vacancy Timeout
    A Trigger Node Timeout is the amount of time for which the trigger node remains active after the node’s group does not sense occupancy -- this time is added to the timeout of the node’s existing active/inactive Tune settings.
  6. Select the appropriate nodes to include them in a group of Trigger Nodes
    All Trigger Nodes must share the same network
  7. Use the slider to define the Trigger Criteria
    Configuring Trigger Criteria
    The Trigger Criteria is the threshold at which a group of trigger nodes must be activated to open or close a relay)
  8. Click Save

Configuring Load Control Devices

  1. Navigate to the Sense Application
  2. Click Load Control
  3. Select New
  4. Provide a descriptive Name for the Load Control Rule
  5. Select the Site
  6. Select the Relay Device
    Only one load control “rule” per device
  7. Select the desired open/close behavior of the device
    Load Control Rule Configuration 1
    Typically Open = Off, Closed = On, but that is not the case for all relays. Work with your AE to set this up correctly
  8. Select the previously-defined Trigger Nodes
  9. Click Save
Once configured, a helpful tooltip will appear explaining to the user how the load control will behave.
If the Gateway governing the Trigger Nodes loses connection with SiteWorx, the associated Load Control will remain in its current state. Once the connection to SiteWorx is restored, the Load Control will return to the correct state once the associated Trigger Node changes state.

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